Thursday, June 30, 2022

Online Rosary


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Monday/Saturday – The Joyful Mysteries

Thursday – The Luminous Mysteries

Tuesday/Friday – The Sorrowful Mysteries

Wednesday/Sunday – The Glorious Mysteries


The Rosary is pivotal, central crucial and essential to our responding properly to Our Lady’s requests at Fatima. Why? It is because the Rosary is something we do, each one of us, on a personal basis, to respond to Our Lady’s requests.

Saying the Rosary leads to our own personal sanctification. Saying the Rosary helps benefit others and leads them to the Faith, or to a return to the Faith if they are fallen away. Saying the Rosary benefits the Church because it adds to the treasury of Grace. Saying the Rosary teaches us the essential story of our salvation. Saying the Rosary helps us penetrate the mysteries of our holy Religion. Saying the Rosary gives us humility, the necessary virtue of sanctity. Saying the Rosary puts the power of prayer squarely in the hands of even beginners. Saying the Rosary is efficacious like no other prayer because Our Lord wants us to go through Mary, His Mother and OUR Mother, in approaching Him, and He gives rewards to this approach — especially through her Rosary — as He does with no other approach and to no other form of prayer.

The Rosary is simple and direct, yet the Rosary is multifaceted and sophisticated; in it we can let our poor, weak minds concentrate on four different, legitimate things; we can concentrate on our intention; we can concentrate on the person to whom our prayers are directed, the Blessed Virgin Mary; we can concentrate on the mystery we are reciting; or we can concentrate on the prayers themselves that we are saying.

Through the Rosary, we can channel the power of our minds and hearts during a period of 15 or 20 minutes (the average time it takes to say five decades of the Rosary).

It has to be the Rosary if we want the things that Our Lady promised: our own salvation, the triumph of the church throughout the world, and a true God-given peace!

The Rosary, Msgr. J. A. Cirrincione & T. A. Nelson