Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Stewardship Program

Pope Benedict XVI’s Quote on Stewardship

“The promotion of the practice of stewardship is important for the mission of the Church and for the spiritual well-being of each individual Christian. Everyone benefits from the sacrificial gift one makes of his time, talent and treasure. Therefore, please accept my encouragement for your efforts and my prayers that your upcoming conference will be a stimulus to the practice of stewardship in the Church.” His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI Conceived to help the Catholic community in America, St. Joseph Stewardship Program guides parish stewardship committees prayerfully make God their priority in their family budget. The program encourages “faith, love and charity” as the foundation of giving back to God the blessings each parishioner received and enjoyed. The St. Joseph Treasure Stewardship Program is another expression of St. Michael Center’s deep commitment to help Catholic parish stewardship committees grow in faith and fellowship through gift giving and sharing. This program will gladly presents, proven and effective ways of stewardship practice based on “Faith, Hope and Charity”. The highlights are based on biblical quotes, the heroic lives of exemplary Catholic Saints for parish stewardship committees’ reflection, the awareness of the parish programs to the community and raising of the Faith of the Community like never before! As part of the highlighted strategies of the St. Joseph Stewardship Program, the parish stewardship committees will be informed of the program using the traditional methods of communicating Faith via direct mail. Likewise, the program gives insights to volunteers on how they can share their time to the parish and what they have to do to help raise funds for the parish. The program focuses on the in-pew solicitation in recognition of the power of assembled community. A follow-up process is likewise implemented on the weekend after the original in-pew process. Best of all we have the stewardship software that enables us to track the donations efficiently while reminding parishioners of their faith in the pledges and commitments they have made. St. Joseph Stewardship Program also highlights on the use of gift confirmation notes. Likewise, parish stewardship committees can learn much from the St. Joseph Stewardship Program Manual complete with biblical quotes, lives of Saints, step by step fundraising guide and even samples fund raising forms and letters. St. Joseph Stewardship Program guides the parish stewardship committees in the conduct of their stewardship practice through leadership and ushers training; in-pew solicitation; contacting new parishioners and renewing annual commitments. The program likewise keeps parish stewardship committees updated with the parish activities with the use of Parish Computer System (PCS) interface on all parish communication and financial reports. (For more info about PCS visit

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