St Luke-18thOctober

Luke wrote one of the major portions of the new testament, a two-volume work comprising the third gospel and acts of the apostles. In the two books he shows the parallel between the life of christ and that of the church. He is the only gentile christian among the gospel writers. Tradition holds him to be a native of antioch, and paul calls him “our beloved physician.” His gospel was probably written between 70 and 85 a.d.

Luke appears in acts during paul’s second journey, remains at philippi for several years until paul returns from his third journey, accompanies paul to jerusalem, and remains near him when he is imprisoned in caesarea. During these two years, luke had time to seek information and interview persons who had known jesus. He accompanied paul on the dangerous journey to rome where he was a faithful companion.

Luke’s unique character may best be seen by the  emphasis of his gospel, which has been given a number of subtitles:
1) The Gospel of Mercy
2) The Gospel of Universal Salvation
3) The Gospel of the Poor
4) The Gospel of Absolute Renunciation
5) The Gospel of prayer and the Holy Spirit
6) The Gospel of Joy


Lord God, who chose Saint Luke to reveal by his preaching and writings the mystery of your love for the poor, grant that those who already glory in your name may persevere as one heart and one soul and that all nations may merit to see your salvation. Through our Lord Jesus Christ, your Son, who lives and reigns with you in the unity of the Holy Spirit, God, for ever and ever.

Prayer to St. Luke

Almighty God, Who didst inspire Thy servant St. Luke the physician to set forth in the Gospel the love and healing power of Thy Son: Graciously continue in Thy Church the love and power to heal, to the praise and glory of Thy Name; through the same Thy Son Jesus Christ our Lord, who liveth and reigneth with Thee, in the unity of the Holy Spirit, one God, now and Forever.

Prayer to St. Luke for Physicians

Most charming and saintly Physician,
you were animated by the heavenly Spirit of love.
In faithfully detailing the humanity of Jesus,
you also showed his divinity
and his genuine compassion for all human beings.
Inspire our physicians with your professionalism
and with the divine compassion for their patients.
Enable them to cure the ills of both body
and spirit that afflict so many in our day.

Dear St. Luke, I love you with all my heart. Inflame my heart with an ardent love of God and worship of the Trinity. Please intercede for me and help me in this necessity

(Mention your request here…)

St. Luke, please help me to grow in grace and holiness, but above all, that I may rest with thee in eternity, help me to do God’s will each and every day to the best of my ability. Help me to hear my Father’s voice and love all with all my heart. Dear St. Luke, I love you. Thank you for your help.

St. Luke, pray for us.
Say 1: Our Father… Say 1: Hail Mary… Say 1: Glory Be

Prayer for the healing of spiritual disease through the intercession of St. Luke

Almighty God, who called St. Luke the Physician, whose praise is in the Gospel to be an Evangelist and Physician of the soul, may it please Thee that by the wholesome medicines of the doctrine delivered by him, all the diseases of our souls may be healed through the merits of Thy Son Jesus, Christ our Lord.

Prayer to Saint Luke

O St. Luke, you were 
chosen to reveal in preaching 
and writing God’s love for the 
poor.  Moved by the heavenly 
Spirit of Love, you detailed the 
life of Jesus, showing His 
divinity and His genuine 
compassion for all human beings. 
Help those who already 
glory in God’s name to 
persevere in one heart and 
one mind, and inspire all 
people that they may hear the 
Good News of Salvation. 

Prayer to St. Luke for doctors

O holy apostle, St. Luke, I ask your intercession on behalf of all doctors, especially (name person).

Humbly lay them at the Divine Physician’s feet sking that they have: the wisdom and knowledge necessary to treat their patients effectively and restore them to physical and mental health; the compassion and empathy necessary to be of comfort to those who are suffering; and the strength and grace to fulfill their duties as doctors.

I also ask that you pray they are kept safe from all harm and that they never succcumb to the illnesses they are treating

O blessed St. Luke, we thank you for your prayers and assistance.


The Collect

Almighty God, you called Luke the physician, whose praise is in the gospel, to be an evangelist and physician of the soul: by the grace of the Spirit and through the wholesome medicine of the gospel, give your Church the same love and power to heal; through Jesus Christ your Son our Lord, who is alive and reigns with you, in the unity of the Holy Spirit, one God, now and for ever.