Since the Apostolic Age, Christians have turned with great confidence to the Blessed Virgin Mary for spiritual and temporal help. Knowing that the Mother of God is also our spiritual Mother, Christians have sought her maternal aid and intercession with the Divine Majesty. And Mary Immaculate, being the marvellous Mother that she is, often comes to help her children before they even come to implore her avail, sometimes before they are even aware of their particular need.

St. John Bosco wrote about his congregation, the Salesians: “The principal objective is to promote veneration of the Blessed Sacrament and devotion to Mary Help of Christians. This title seems to please the august Queen of Heaven very much.”

In the complicated network of human events, Christian peoples have frequently experienced in the course of history the practical help of the Virgin Mary, especially in moments of particular difficulty for the life of the Church. Thus has been added a further title to the Mother of God: “Help of Christians”. The date chosen for the feast was May 24, the day on which Pope Pius VII returned to Rome after his miraculous liberation from prison in 1814.

Prayer to Mary, Help of Christians

Most Holy and Immaculate Virgin, Help of Christians, we place ourselves under your motherly protection. Throughout the Church’s history you have helped Christians in times of trial, temptation and danger. Time and time again, you have proven to be the Refuge of sinners, the Hope of the hopeless, the Consoler of the afflicted, and the Comforter of the dying. We promise to be faithful disciples of Jesus Christ, your Son, to proclaim His Good News of God’s love for all people, and to work for peace and justice in our world. With faith in your intercession, we pray for the Church, for our

family and friends, for the poor and abandoned, and all the dying. Grant, O Mary, Help of Christians, the graces of which we stand in need. (Mention your intentions.) May we serve Jesus with fidelity and love until death. Help us and our loved ones to attain the boundless joy of being forever with our Father in heaven. Amen.

Mary, Help of Christians, pray for us!

Prayer To Our Lady, Help Of Christians By St. John Bosco

Most Holy Virgin Mary, Help of Christian, how sweet it is to come to your feet imploring your perpetual help. If earthly mothers cease not to remember their children, how can you, the most loving of all mothers forget me? Grant then to me, I implore you, your perpetual help in all my necessities, in every sorrow, and especially in all my temptations. I ask for your unceasing help for all who are now suffering. Help the weak, cure the sick, convert sinners. Grant through your intercessions many vocations to the religious life. Obtain for us, O Mary, Help of Christians, that having invoked you on earth we may love and eternally thank you in heaven.

Act of Entrustment of the Home to Mary Help of Christians

Most Holy Virgin Mary, appointed by God to be the Help of Christians, we choose you as the Mother and protectress of our home. We ask you to favor us with your powerful protection.

Preserve our home from every danger: from fire, flood, lightning, storm, earthquake, thieves, vandals, and from every other danger. Bless us. Protect us. Defend us.

Keep as your own all the people who dwell in this home.

Protect them from all accidents and misfortunes,

but above all obtain for them the most important grace of avoiding sin. Mary Help of Christians, pray for all those who live in this home,

which is entrusted to you for all time. Amen.

Mary Help of Christians Novena Prayers

Remember, O most gracious Virgin Mary, that never was it known that anyone who fled to thy protection, implored thy help, and sought thy intercession, was left unaided, inspired with this confidence I fly unto thee; O Virgin of virgins, my Mother! To thee do I come, before thee I stand, sinful and sorrowful, O Mother of the Word Incarnate, despise not my petitions, but in thy mercy hear and answer me. Amen.

Mary, Help of Christians, you helped defend the Christian faith over the course of history. Free me from infidelity or faithlessness and give me perseverance and strength to live an authentically Christian life in the world today. Mary, pray for me and ask God to grant the intentions I hold within my heart. (State your intentions here…)

Most loving Mary, you were given to all Christians as their help and protector in the most difficult times in the life of Christians and the life of the Church. Help me to come to you during times of need and especially at the time of my death, that I may be victorious over the evil one as you are. Amen.

Mary Help of Christians, Pray for us!


Prayer to Mary Help of Christians composed by St. John Bosco

O Mary, most powerful Virgin,
great and illustrious defender of the Church,
wonderful Help of Christians, formidable as an army in battle array,
you who have overcome every heresy in the world,
in our anguish, in our combats, in our difficulties,
defend us from the Enemy, and at the hour of our death
receive our souls into Paradise. Amen.