Letters Received by Fr. Rookey


Dear Father Rookey,
As I was driving, I remembered that you had
blessed me in 1999 and 2000. I recently reclaimed your
blessing when I was in great distress.
When I got home, I saw your newsletter in the
mail pile; I grabbed it and read it thoroughly. It encourages
and lifts me up. I smiled in awe at God’s work
through you. I read the newsletter twice, letting every bit
of information saturate me with God’s love.
Finally, I noticed your signature: Fr. Peter MARY,
O.S.M. loves you. Please keep me in your prayers.
November 2005


Dear Father Rookey,
Thank you for your prayers. Being so available to
us in our time of need, not only do I give you credit and
our Precious Lord for healing Crohn’s related health issues
out of my life, I also wish to thank you for your intercessory
prayers this May, 2005 for an undiagnosed, but suspicious
gall bladder problem.

After your prayers, I was a mystery case……Ha!
No cause could be found for the three weeks of pain. No
pain since then either.

You are a blessing, a source of inspiration and
example to many. Thank you and God bless.
December 2005


Dear Father Rookey,
One year ago, they thought my chances of living
were up. Your Miracle Prayer came by way of a friend. I
said it twice a day. My blood count stayed below 4 from
September until January 2005. I had my last blood transfusion on December 23rd. My count went up to 9 and is now normal.

I really appreciate all your prayers. I don’t know if
I’m a miracle, but I feel like new. Thanks again.
December 2005


Dear Father Rookey,
Years ago I was blessed by you when I had liver
cancer. There was the smell of roses. I was healed and as I
rode home in the car that evening, I again smelled the

Since that time, I have been blessed by you and
cured of many things. You are a gift from God and I want
you to know that I am praying for you.
November 2005


Dear Father Rookey,
I’m writing to thank you and your ministry for
prayers for my dad, who had a quadruple bypass. The
doctor came in after the angiogram, and told us our father
should be dead. He had 100% blockage in the main artery.
He’s doing well and home after only a few days,
to our surprise. Praise the Lord. Thank you for all your
November 2005


Dear Father Rookey,
I called you on Monday, October 17th. I was in
pain with a sciatic nerve from my hip down my left leg.
Thank you Father, I have no pain.
November 2005


Dear Father Rookey,
In April of 2005, I was diagnosed with Cervical
Cancer stage 2. I called you and requested you to pray for

After your prayers, joined with prayers of others, I
was informed by my Oncologist last November, that the
biopsy showed all negative cells. Now I am thankful that I
can walk and have normal use of my hands.
January 2006


Dear Father Rookey,
My friend had another scan and his body is completely
free from cancer. It is an absolute miracle. I thank
you for all your prayers and Masses.
I am going on a small pilgrimage to a “Holy
House” in thanksgiving. I pray for you every day.
January 2006


Dear Father Rookey,
We have received many blessings since you prayed
for us eight months ago. My husband has survived cancer
as he continues his treatment. My daughter has been hired
by an excellent Christian employer. Her daughter has been
accepted in a private school for people with learning disabilities.

Another daughter has been healed. Our son has
returned to the family after a broken relationship. A
granddaughter is returning to the Church, having her
baby baptized.

Blessings continue abundantly through your intercession
to all the Saints, Our Lady and the Sacred Heart of
Jesus. Thank you.
December 2005

***90% IMPROVED***

Dear Father Rookey,
I was in a tragic car accident November 5. I was
hit by a semi and pushed over the median wall. The man
who towed the wreckage thought for sure I had died. My tear duct was severed, my arm broken, a bone in my face was also broken and my ribs were fractured. I had my cross on!

I was in the hospital for four weeks and then in a
nursing home. I came home the end of November, having
almost lost the vision in my eye.

Through the Miracle Prayer and the Holy Oil, I am
90% improved. My Lord saved me, and the prayers I’ve said.
January 2006


Dear Father Rookey,
We wish you could meet our grandson for whom
you’ve been praying. He has overcome the depressions that
have been troubling him for many years. During that time
he was unable to go to school, not able to sleep or hold a
part time job. At times he would even abuse alcohol.
Today he is in college, taking a full load in electronics. He
is at the top of his class in grades and testing. His outlook
on life is very healthy and he has overcome his alcohol
abuse also.

Thank you. Thank you. May Our Lord bless you in
every way.
January 2006


Dear Father Rookey,
It was a blessing when I got to speak to you. Just
wanted to tell you, I’ve been praying the rosary since, at
least three times a week. The Scriptural one has been a great help to opening up the mysteries and giving me more peace.

I realize that my son survived whatever emergency
it was, although he’s an actor and may need permanent
prayer. The other situations too were resolved “grace”

Thank you and may God ever bless you, in and
through the wonderful name of Jesus, His most Sacred Heart and the Immaculate Heart of Mary.
December 2005


Dear Father Rookey,
I called last summer and asked for you to pray
with me for my son and his wife who had been married
five years and desperately wanted a child. Your staff told me
that you had about 99% chance of success with your
prayers for a baby.

Within a few weeks of your praying with me, they
got the good news! My daughter-in-law was pregnant. Thank
you so much for your prayers and miracles! Will you
please continue to pray for a safe and healthy delivery?
Thank you very much.
January 2006


Dear Father Rookey,
I just wanted to let you know that our prayers have been answered. Last fall my ex-husband was diagnosed with cancer in the liver, bone, lung and mouth. He was given
three months to live without treatment and six months to one year with treatment.

I called you for prayer. One month ago he was given a clean bill of health. The pep scan showed no traces of cancer anywhere in his body.

The doctors were amazed and told my children that it was due to a higher power. The type of cancer that he was diagnosed with was incurable.

Thank you for prayers and know that you are always in mine.
March 2006


Dear Father Rookey,
Just before Christmas last year, I called you in
regard to my severe bout with vertigo, which happened
at all hours without any warning. It would throw me
to the floor and sometimes between the wall and furniture.
This happened, not only at home, but also in a
store and sometimes in bed. I ended up in the emergency room twice, but neither the hospital nor the specialist I saw could come up with an answer or a cure.

The day I called you, you had a terrible case of laryngitis and could barely
talk. My wife and I prayed that you would be able to come to the phone, and you did.

It was a brief but powerful prayer. I have not had any recurrence of the vertigo since that time. Thanks be to God, who worked through you.
January 2006