St Mary Magdalene– 22nd July

St. Mary Magdalene

Mary Magdalene was a woman who according to the four canonical gospels, traveled with Jesus as one of his followers and was a witness to his crucifixion and resurrection. She is mentioned by name twelve times in the canonical gospels, more than most of the apostles and more than any other woman in the gospels, other than Jesus’s family. The Gospels agree that Mary was originally a great sinner. The Gospel of Luke and Mark states that seven demons had been driven out of her. After this, she told several women she associated with and these women also became followers. All four canonical Gospels attest that she witnessed Jesus’ crucifixion and burial. According to the Gospel of Mark and John, Mary Magdalene is the first person to see the resurrected Christ and was instructed to tell the Apostles that he was ascending to God. For these reasons, Mary Magdalene is known in some Christian traditions as the “apostle to the apostles”.

Mary Magdalene is considered to be a saint by the Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, Anglican, and Lutheran denominations. In 2016 Pope Francis raised the level of liturgical memory on July 22 from memorial to feast, and for her to be referred to as the “Apostle of the apostles”. St. Mary Magdalene’s feast day is July 22. She is the patroness of converts, repentant sinners, sexual temptation, pharmacists, tanners and women, and many other places and causes.

A Prayer to St. Mary Magdalene

Saint Mary Magdalene,

woman of many sins, who by conversion

became the beloved of Jesus,

thank you for your witness

that Jesus forgives

through the miracle of love.

You, who already possess eternal happiness

in His glorious presence,

please intercede for me, so that some day

I may share in the same everlasting joy.


Prayer to Saint Mary Magdalene

Saint Mary Magdalene pray for us to God our father so that our sins may be forgiven the same way Jesus Christ forgave your many sins. It was through the same prayers that our Lord answered and raised your Brother Lazarus from the dead back to life.

Pray for us to God oh St Mary Magdalene so that we can get the courage to acknowledge our sins and beg Jesus Christ to forgive us. May we be encouraged by your example to always seek to be in the presence of Jesus Christ because it is in Him that we will get eternal salvation.


Novena to St. Mary Magdalene

Mary of Magdala, woman at the tomb. You did not yet know what awaited you but felt confusion – doubt and loss. Pray for those whose feelings you so well understand. Guide us through your story to the hope of resurrection.

(Mention your request here…)

Say 1: Our Father… Say 1: Hail Mary… Say 1: Glory Be…

Miracle Prayer to St. Mary Magdalene

O Glorious St. Magdalene, 
“model of penitents,” 
obtain for me 
the grace of perseverance 
in the practices of self-denial 
according to the Spirit 
of my vows; 
pray to God for me 
that I may appear before Jesus 
Our Lord and Master, 
at the moment of my death, 
with my lamp 
filled with the oil of faith 
and hope, and burning 
with the pure flame of charity; 
and thus merit to be received 
with thee into 
His eternal Kingdom. 

Traditional Prayer for St. Mary Magdalene’s Feast Day

Grant to us, most merciful Father, that as the blessed Mary Magdalen, by loving Our Lord Jesus Christ above all things, won the forgiveness of her sins, so may she obtain for us, through Your mercy, everlasting happiness. Through Our Lord Jesus Christ Your Son, who lives and reigns with You in the unity of the Holy Spirit, one God, forever and ever. Amen.

Prayer to St Mary Magdalene

Saint Mary Magdalen, friend, and follower of Jesus, help me to recognize my sins so that I may seek forgiveness and that I too may be exorcised by Him. Pray for me so that I too may be closer to Jesus and love him as my Divine Savior. Pray for (mention your petition here) so that they too may see our Lord Jesus Christ and seek forgiveness for their sins so that they too may always seek the Lord and follow him. Help us to persevere to the end so that we will be saved.


Litany of St. Mary Magdalene

Lord, have mercy on us.
Christ, have mercy on us.
Lord, have mercy on us.
Christ, hear us.
Christ, graciously hear us.
Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us.
Saint Mary Magdalene, pray for us.
Sister of Martha and Lazarus, pray for us.
Who didst enter the Pharisee’s house to anoint the feet of Jesus, pray for us.
Who didst wash His feet with thy tears, pray for us.
Who didst dry them with thy hair, pray for us.
Who didst cover them with kisses, pray for us.
Who wast vindicated by Jesus before the proud Pharisee, pray for us.
Who from Jesus received the pardon of thy sins, pray for us.
Who before darkness wast restored to light, pray for us.
Mirror of penance, pray for us.
Disciple of Our Lord, pray for us.
Wounded with the love of Christ, pray for us.
Most dear to the Heart of Jesus, pray for us.
Constant woman, pray for us.
Thou who didst keep watch beneath the cross, pray for us.
Thou who wast the first to see Jesus risen, pray for us.
Whose forehead was sanctified by the touch of thy risen Master, pray for us.
Apostle of the apostles, pray for us.
Who didst choose the “better part,” pray for us.
Who lived for many years in solitude being miraculously fed, pray for us.
Who wast visited by angels seven times a day, pray for us.
Sweet advocate of sinners, pray for us.
Spouse of the King of Glory, pray for us.

V. Saint Mary Magdalene, earnestly intercede for us with thy Divine Master,
R. That we may share thy happiness in heaven.

Let us pray

May the glorious merits of blessed Mary Magdalene, we beseech Thee, O Lord, make our offerings acceptable to Thee, for Thine only-begotten Son vouchsafed graciously to accept the humble service she rendered. Who livest and reignest with Thee and the Holy Ghost, God for ever and ever.


May the prayers of blessed Mary Magdalene help us, O Lord, for it was in answer to them that Thou didst call her brother Lazarus, four days after death, back from the grave to life. Who livest and reignest with the Father and the Holy Ghost, Unity in Trinity, world without end.