Saturday, April 13, 2024

Catholic Teaching

Teaching Catholic Faith

  • Role of Catholics


  • The Creation,Nature and Fall of Man
  • Creation and the Angels
  • Biblical Evidence that Contraception is Immoral
  • Biblical Reference for the Papacy & the One True Church
  • Biblical Teaching on Fasting
  • The Bible, The Greatest Book in the World


  • The Commandments of God
  • Virtues

Heaven, Hell & Purgatory

  • Names of Heaven in the Bible
  • Heaven Fullness of Communion with God
  • The City of Heaven
  • Three kinds of Heaven in the Bible
  • Two kinds of Eternal Torments
  • Hell the State of Those Who Rejected God
  • Names of Hell in the Bible
  • References of Purgatory in the Bible
  • Purgatory – Necessary Purification

Marian Apparitions

  • The Mother of God Appears in Medjugorje
  • The Apparition at Pontmain
  • Pope Benedict XVI Approved the Apparitions of Akita

Sacraments/ Sacramentals
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