Thursday, February 22, 2024

Pope John Paul II Words to the Youth

VATICAN CITY, APR 14, 2000 (Vatican Information Service)

The Pope this morning welcomed to the Vatican 200 young people from Rouen, France who are in Rome on a Jubilee pilgrimage, telling them that this is a special “time of retreat, reflection and prayer.”

In Rome, “as you receive the witness of the first Christian communities,” observed the Holy Father, “you in turn are called to be witnesses and to fully take your place in the heart of the people of God. The Church is counting on you; she needs your youth, your generosity and your dynamism, so as to further become the people whom God loves and who raise a new hope for the world.”

“May you be the witnesses that this new century so needs!” exclaimed John Paul II. “Certainly, you will need courage and audacity to sometimes go counter-current to the seductive propositions of today’s world, and to behave in conformity to the Gospel demands of true love. But you will discover that life with Christ, the search for Truth, practicing basic human and moral values, respect for yourself and others, are the paths of authentic freedom and true happiness.”

In concluding words, the Pope told the young people that “Christ calls you to place your hope in Him and to follow Him on the path to marriage, priesthood or the consecrated life. In the silence of your hearts, don’t be afraid to listen as the Lord speaks to you!”