Sunday, February 25, 2024

St. Bosco Oratory Project

Providing all Catholics, especially the youth and young adults, with a place to be!

Saint Michael Center’s Youth Oratory Project is a Catholic information research center for youth and young adults! We provide:

High-Speed Internet Access –Ability to browse the worldwide web. Research and study.

Personal E-mail – communicate and send messages using e-mail address!

Catholic Online – Catholics singles, chatrooms, questions!

Vatican Updates – Everything you need to know

Desktop Publishing – Ability to design and create documents for your needs!

Color Printing – Produce color documents, including graphics.

Copy/Color Copy – Reproduce your color documents.

Resource Library/Rental – Do research and learn more about the Catholic faith!

Audio/Video – Learn with audio and video materials! Training – Learn new fields; software, career development, and financial planning.

Strengthening their Faith !

Learning with technology !

Building their skills for God !

Fostering vocations !