8th Mar Saint John of God



Saint John of God, heavenly Patron of the Sick, I come to you in prayer to seek your help in my present sickness. Through the love which Jesus had for you in choosing you for the sublime vocation of serving the sick, and through the tender affection with which the Blessed Virgin Mary placed upon your head a crown of thorns as a symbol of the sufferings you would undergo in the service of the sick to attain to your crown of glory, I beg you to intercede for me to Jesus and Mary that They may grant me a cure, if this should be according to the Will of God. How patiently you bore the sufferings of your own disease! Teach me to carry with cheerful resignation the cross that God has given me. Let me never complain or lose courage. Help me to understand that suffering is a very important means of sanctifying my soul, of atoning for my many sins, and of reaping a plentiful harvest of merit for Heaven. I trust in your great love for the sick and in the power of your intercession to help them.

Help me, good St. John, and beg the God whose name you bear to touch me as He touched the sick while on earth, that through His almighty power health may return to my body. And as you derived strength in your own sufferings from the crucifix, so may I be able to say what you did to Jesus Crucified: “Lord, Thy thorns are my roses and Thy sufferings my paradise.” Good Saint John, lover of those who suffer and special Patron of the Sick, I confidently place before you my earnest petition.

(Mention your request here…)

 I beg you to recommend my request to Mary, the Mother of Sorrows and Health of the Sick, that both Mary and you may present it to Jesus, the Divine Physician. Saint John of God, patron of the Sick and beloved of Jesus and Mary, pray to Them for me and obtain my request. (Three times.)

 Saint John of God, Patron of the Sick, pray for us.

Our Father…   Hail Mary…  Glory Be…

Prayer to St. John of God

Saint John of God,
I honor you as the Patron of the Sick,
especially of those who are afflicted by heart disease.
I choose you to be my patron and protector in my
present illness.
To you I entrust my soul, my body, all my spiritual
and temporal interests, as well as those of the
sick throughout the world.
To you I consecrate my mind,
that in all things it may be enlightened by faith
above all in accepting my Cross as a blessing
from God; my heart, that you keep it pure and
fill it with the love for Jesus and Mary that
burned in your heart; my will, like yours,
it may always be one with the Will of God.

Prayer to St. John of God

St. John of God,
patron of the sick and compassionate Brother
to all who suffer or are troubled in any way,
I turn to you with great confidence in my time of need.
I ask you John to speak to Jesus on my behalf.
He will listen to you because you tried to be like Him
in the compassion and love you had for people in need.
I know only Jesus can really help me,
but I also know that He can be influenced by someone close to Him,
I plead with you Brother John
to present this special intention of mine to Jesus
so that He may grant it, according to His will ……(mention the intention).
Help me John to strengthen my faith, my hope and love
for Jesus and our Mother Maryfor whom you had such a special love.
All glory to the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit.

Prayer to St. John of God

O glorious Saint,
full of tenderness and compassion for the afflicted,
who, as a reward for your charity
merited to minister to Jesus Christ under the appearance of a patient,
obtain for us the grace to ever see Jesus Christ Himself
in the person of our neighbor,
so that we may be found worthy
to receive the eternal bliss promised
to those who serve the Divine Master
in the person of the sick, the poor and the needy.


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