April 5th St. Vincent Ferrer Novena


O Saint Vincent Ferrer, our guardian,
because God, our eternal Father, has
blessed you with and inexhaustible
fountain of grace and blessing, we
beg you to hear our prayers and
to assist us with your powerful
intercession which is even more
effective now that you are in heaven
than it was when you were on earth.
Full of confidence in your mercy
and compassion, we kneel in prayer
before you, and commend to your powerful intercession all our
needs, those of our families, our friends, relatives, and especially…
(Mention your request here…)

Glorious Saint Vincent Ferrer, let not our hope and confidence in
your protection be deceived. Intercede for us before the throne of
God. Watch over our eternal welfare. If our trials and tribulations
in this world multiply, may they serve to give us spiritual joy and
happiness. If God will only grant us the grace of ever increasing
patience to the end that we may save our souls.


St. Vincent Ferrer, pray for us.
Say 1: Our Father…
Say 1: Hail Mary…
Say 1: Glory Be


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