April 15th Good Friday Prayer


Collect Prayer

O Jesus, Who by reason of Thy
burning love for us hast willed
to be crucified and to shed
Thy Most Precious Blood for
the redemption and salvation
of our souls, look down upon
us here gathered together in
remembrance of Thy most sorrowful Passion and Death, fully
trusting in Thy mercy; cleanse us from sin by Thy grace, sanctify
our toil, give unto us and unto all those who are dear to us our
daily bread, sweeten our sufferings, bless our families, and to
the nations so sorely afflicted, grant Thy peace, which is the
only true peace, so that by obeying Thy commandments we
may come at last to the glory of heaven.


Prayer Meditation for Good Friday

My Most Glorious and Suffering Lord, it is Your Hour. It is
the Hour by which You conquered sin and death. It is the
Hour for which You came into this world, taking on flesh so
as to offer Your precious life for the salvation of the world.
May I be with You, dear Lord, in these moments of suffering and
death. May I, like Your Mother, John and Mary Magdalene, stand
at the foot of the Cross, gazing upon the perfect Gift of Love.
My suffering Lord, may I see in Your Cross the most perfect act ever
known in this world. May I see Love in its most pure form. May my
eyes and soul look beyond the blood and pain and see Your Divine
Heart, pouring forth Mercy upon me and upon the whole world.
Today I kneel in silent adoration of You, my God. I sit quietly,
beholding the great mystery of our faith. I behold God,
beaten, bruised, mocked, tortured and killed. But in this act,
I see all grace and Mercy flowing from Your wounded Heart.
Bathe the world in Your Mercy, dear Lord. Cover us with Your
grace and draw us to new life through Your death. I love You,
dear Lord. I love You with all my heart. Jesus, I trust in You.


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